Show commitment to diversity

For years there has been discussion about the diversity distribution of 90% men compared to 10% women in the top of the Dutch business community. But also having an accent or a migration background greatly influences your career opportunities and salary compared to male colleagues. This while there is convincing evidence on the benefits of diversity. Diverse companies are more creative, better at innovating and make more profit compared to homogeneous companies.

The Human Interface offers equal opportunities for everyone and supports companies in choosing simply the best person for the job. In this anonymous procedure, candidates are selected only on education, experience, skills and character. Any form of bias is removed without losing the character of the person in front of you.

The Human Interface was nominated for the Youngblood award 2018 and was exhibited during GOGBOT 2018 and TEC Art 2019.
Photography: Roy te Lintelo & Around Annebel