Especially in a time where we more and more believe in a makeable society, it is good to occasionally let go of control and let fate decide. Scientific research has shown that coincidence (Toeval) ensures the production of dopamine, our sense of happiness.

We wanted to playfully acquainted others with coincidence and therefore designed the coincidence game. Each game includes our 13 commandments, these rules of life will provide you with more coincidence. In addition, the game contains 52 different playing cards with opportunities for coincidence.
The game can be played with and without the app. In the app you can share your coincidence stories, earn coincidence points by completed assignments and move up in the coincidence ranking. Furthermore with the app you can see who drew the same card and how that person experienced coincidence.

In collaboration with Loes by Splunter, Loes Aanhane and Simone de Meijere.